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The Avesta Difference

Our Mission, Our Vision, and Our Virtues. Without them, we are a group of self-directed individuals. With them, we are AVESTA.

Our Mission: Give people a home where they can live abundantly and create more community in the world.

This is our purpose. It is why hundreds of us have deliberately chosen to work together rather than apart, and why we will continue to extend our reach as far as possible. From top to bottom and across all departments, our mission is deeply woven into the fabric of our character as a company. It is the reason Avesta exists.
At the centerpiece of our mission is community. It is no secret that humans need community to thrive. Too often, however, apartment companies focus on managing your house rather than cherishing your home. To live out our mission, then, we must first achieve our vision.

Our Vision: Be the world’s most resident focused company.

We have set out to create more community in the world and to enable others to do the same. Crucial to this effort is an unwavering focus on the people who make that happen - our residents. Like our mission, our vision extends across the entire company. At the community level, our management is judged on their quality of service above all else. Likewise, our investment decisions, far from being made in a vacuum, are informed by one metric: the value created by our work for our residents. We believe that by putting our residents first, the rewards will follow, allowing us to continue this virtuous cycle and fill the world with more and more community.

Our Virtues:

1. LOVE. We love what we do. It is our passion. Money and other material rewards are secondary.
2. FAITH. Recruiting the best, we train, educate, and empower. Then, we trust: operating ground up, decentralized.
3. HOPE. It makes achieving great things possible. We first believe we can, then we do.
4. HUMILITY. Grounded in truth. Individually, and as a team: we recognize our limitations and play to our strengths.
5. INTEGRITY. Our foundation. Without it, talents are not beneficial but dangerous.
6. SERVANT LEADERSHIP. By generously giving and serving, we receive more and become more.
7. STEWARDSHIP. Resourceful, frugal, accountable. We will leave our world better off than how we found it.
8. FORTHRIGHTNESS. We communicate point-blank: directly, honestly, constructively.
9. SMART WORK. Innovative, shrewd, continuously improving. We will find a way, or make one.
10. HARD WORK. There is no substitute. Determined, scrappy, fiercely competitive; we will succeed.